Positive COVID-19 case identified at St. Stephen High School

St. Stephen – It was the email local parents had been dreading. At around 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb 8, an email appeared in the inbox of several St. Stephen High School (SSHS) parents and students, containing the dreaded following subject line:


The email reads:

“This is to inform you of a positive COVID-19 case in your school,” reads the email.

“We are working with Public Health officials to identify any students and school personnel who may have been in contact with the case.

“After discussion with Public Health and Principal (Krista) Amos, tomorrow, Tuesday, February 09, 2021, will be an Operational Response Day to allow Public Health to complete the contact tracing process and notify anyone who is required to self-isolate.

“As well, our custodial team will perform additional cleaning in the school. All students will remain at home.”

While the Courier has not been able to confirm any further details with Public Health, sources tell us there are 22 students and two teachers currently self-isolating, and a staff meeting is being held this afternoon, Tuesday, Feb. 9.

While Public Health has not yet publicly discussed this information in a press briefing, we can tell residents from information at previous briefings that if you have not been contacted by Public Health and told to self-isolate, you do not have to do so, and are not one of the individuals identified as a close contact of the confirmed case.

“Yes, there is a confirmed case at St. Stephen High School,”said St. Stephen Mayor Allan MacEachern. “Letters have been sent from Public Health to those individuals who are affected, and contact tracing is being done.

“So if you received a letter, do what it tells you,” he said.

“If you didn’t receive a letter, but you feel you may have been a contact of this person, call 811 and get tested, and don’t hesitate to reach out,” he added.

Exposure notification

Public Health has identified a potential public exposure to the virus at the following location in Zone 3:Carrington & Company on Jan. 29, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and Feb. 1, between 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. (225 Woodstock Rd., Fredericton).

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