Public invited to attend New Conversations Tour on Wednesday at the Garcelon Civic Center


St. Stephen  – A public session will be held in St. Stephen as part of the New Conversations Tour – a province-wide constructive dialogue around immigration, the economy, and the vitality and sustainability of communities.

Led by two of the province’s foremost economists – David Campbell and Richard Saillant – these sessions will present pertinent new economic and demographic research on the region to spark these conversations.
The event will be held at the Garcelon Civic Center in St. Stephen Wednesday, May 16, starting at 6 p.m.

“Everyone is welcome. David will make a presentation on the demographics for Charlotte County and there will be general dialogue on immigration. It is not whether you are for or against it. You just need to understand it,” said Laurie Parris, executive director of the Multicultural Association of Charlotte County.

The goal of the sessions is to help New Brunswick overcome its most pressing challenge – welcoming more people for a stronger future – and they are being held in 15 cities and towns.

To overcome New Brunswick’s challenges today, there is a need to welcome more people to the province to build its future because when New Brunswick falls behind the rest of Canada as a destination for new talent from around the world, its workforce, communities and economy suffer.

Lower immigration levels are a big reason why the labour force is declining in New Brunswick as it grows in the rest of the country. With fewer young people and workers, public services, economic prospects and the vitality of communities are threatened.

In many cases, industries can’t find the talent they need to expand or sustain their operations; while in other cases, community organizations, public services, and even minor sports teams are shrinking or at risk of disappearing. As a result, New Brunswick is now facing the choice between planning for growth and managing decline.

New Conversations have been the starting point for many of the successes that have helped regions grow. It is hoped these sessions will spark innovative ideas and the solutions needed to welcome more people to New Brunswick communities for a stronger future.