RCMP asking for help locating missing St. Stephen woman – Residents asked to check sheds, garages regularly

Submitted photo Sixty-eight-year-old Lorraine Williams from St. Stephen has been missing since 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 7. RCMP are asking local residents to check any outbuildings regularly, as Williams has a medical condition which can leave her disoriented, and she has been without her medication since she went missing. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, please report it to the St. Stephen RCMP detatchment at 466-7030.

St. Stephen

The West District RCMP is asking for the public’s help in locating a missing 68-year-old woman from St. Stephen. Edith Lorraine Williams was last seen on Sunday, July 7 at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Prince William Street, walking towards King Street. Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, July 8, RCMP received a report that Williams was missing.

Williams, described as being five feet six inches tall (168 centimeters) and weighing approximately 140 pounds (63 kilograms), has short, salt and pepper coloured hair and blue eyes. When last seen she was wearing knee length, dark colored shorts, a grey t-shirt, and white sneakers. Cpl. Scott MacKenzie of the St. Stephen RCMP said the search is continuing.

Williams has a medical condition which may cause her to be disoriented. A ground search by the RCMP, Charlotte County Ground Search and Rescue, and the Department of Natural Resources was conducted, with no results.

Cpl. Scott MacKenzie said Tuesday morning the St. Stephen RCMP are asking local residents to check their properties, including any out buildings, and if anyone sees or hears anything regarding the whereabouts of Edith Lorraine Williams, they are asked to contact the St. Stephen RCMP at 466-7030.

Charlotte County Ground Search and Rescue (CCGSAR) member, and handler for the only certified civilian search and rescue canine, Fire, Rhonda Hulan, echoed MacKenzie’s request in a phone interview Tuesday morning.

“If everyone could check their yards, and their sheds regularly, that would be helpful,” said Hulan. “Report anything you see, even if it seems minor.” Hulan also asks until Williams is found that residents keep checking their outbuildings. “Just because she wasn’t there in the afternoon, doesn’t mean she didn’t find her way in overnight,” advised Hulan.

“She has a medical condition which can leave her disoriented, and has been without her medication for a couple of days,” Hulan added.

As of Tuesday morning, all nine provincial search and rescue teams have been deployed to St. Stephen to assist with the search. Hulan credits local and provincial services for their quick response to the call for assistance.

“Of course we have had SAR canine Fire on site since the beginning of the search,” said Hulan. “But the DNR canine is on standby, as is the RCMP SAR canine. The St. Stephen Fire Department has been helping with their boat on the water, NB EMO has had it’s drone flying over town, and the RCMP have also deployed it’s helicoptor.

“The town has been great – they provided us with a couple of trucks to move searchers around and help alleviate fatigue,” said Hulan.

Hulan added residents of St. Stephen don’t need to panic if they see search and rescue members in their yards. “We need to check everywhere we can,” said Hulan.

St. Stephen Mayor Allan MacEachern also credits local and provincial services with a quick response time to assist in the search. “CCGSAR has had teams out searching since she (Williams) was reported missing,” said MacEachern.

“And now teams from across the province and various services are here helping.

“Even our own CAO, Jeff Renaud, was out searching for 15 hours yesterday,” added MacEachern. Renaud is became a member of CCSAR recently.

“Check your sheds, your garages,” said MacEachern. “And if you have time – and ensure you do it safely – take a walk around your neighbourhood and just look,” he added. “And report anything to the RCMP immediately.”

“I don’t know her,” said MacEachern of Williams. “But she’s someone’s mother, someone’s sister, and they want her home” he said.

“Everyone is looking.”