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As the times change, so do the needs of our communities and readers. The Courier’s mission will always be to cover the important issues, to celebrate success, and promote the development of our community.

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Courier Facts

• In 1865 David Main took the risk of opening a newspaper in St. Stephen, to be called The Saint Croix Courier. He purchased the types and press from the Herald. This was shortly after the Civil War.
• In 1877 The Courier lost its home due to a fire which swept away 30 businesses in St. Stephen.
The Courier had news articles on the loss of the Titanic in our April 18 and April 25, 1912 issues.
The Courier covered both World Wars.
• The flatbed press, used since 1925, made way for new equipment in 1978 using the off set
process and adding a new sparkle to the paper. During the same year, the Courier found a new
home on Milltown Boulevard.

Newspaper Facts

• Almost 9 in 10 Canadians read a community or
daily newspaper (like The Courier) each week.
• 8 in 10 Canadians feel reliable journalism is an
essential part of a democratic society
• 8 in 10 Canadians are concerned about the
repercussions of ‘fake news.’