Route 1 between Bocabec and Waweig closed for several hours after Irving tanker overturns


Route 1 closed for several hours after tanker overturns

Kerr’s Ridge – The westbound lane on Route 1 between Exits 39 (Bocabec) and Exit 25 (Waweig) to Saint Andrews was closed for several hours Thursday evening, after an Irving home heating truck rolled over.

Saint Andrews, Oak Bay, and Blacks Harbour fire departments all assisted at the scene, while RCMP officers had the section of highway closed to traffic from about 4:30 p.m. until around midnight.

Saint Andrews Fire Chief Kevin Theriault said they received the call just after 4 p.m. and, when they arrived at the scene, the driver was out of the vehicle and in an ambulance, then he was taken to hospital.

Unfortunately, he said, one of the tanks on the truck ruptured, so the Department of Environment was called in. Irving and its transport company RST also sent a spill team to help with the clean up.

Oak Bay Fire Chief, Jimmy Brown, said that when the truck rolled over, one of the sections was punctured, and oil started leaking down over the bank.

“We got it contained using pads to soak up the oil. Irving has a crew that come and clean up for them, plus there were Department of Environment people there.

“Route 1 was closed until about midnight. It was more for public protection where it was fuel. Saint Andrews and Oak Bay fire departments were there and Blacks Harbour came up and brought materials to help soak up the oil.

“We have a great mutual aid system in Charlotte County. I have not got enough praise for the firefighters in Charlotte County. We have a good system and we work well together. There was a great job done by all and the people from Irving were very good to work with.”

While the clean-up was being carried out, traffic was diverted down Route 127, said Const. Chris Teed, who said the truck rolled over close to marker 34 just west of Kerr’s Ridge. He said the RST spill crew arrived with booms and absorbent pads to help mop up the leaking oil.

“The rear tank ruptured and a lot of oil went into the stream. The ground was basically saturated and frozen. Johnson Lake is nearby and it may have gone down there.”

“The Department of Environment will probably be there for about a week. DOE and Irving sucked out what was left in the other tank.”

He said he didn’t know what caused the accident but the driver was able to get out of the vehicle and may have a broken arm.