SAINT ANDREWS – Last summer the Town of Saint Andrews tried something new: one-way traffic along Water Street. The positive response from the community and visitors was overwhelming, so the town has decided to do it again this summer, but with a new twist: there will be parking on both sides of the street, going in the same direction.

Mayor Brad Henderson said the one-way traffic along Water Street will took effect Friday, June 25, and will continue until Tuesday, September 7. Henderson said the majority of residents responded positively to last year’s pilot project, and seemed to prefer the one-way traffic during the summer months.

“In fact, over 80 per cent in our survey that we issued indicated that it was a positive change. Last year, we had it barricaded, but this year there will be parking on both sides. The one-way was a huge success,” said Henderson.

He said in past years, having delivery vehicles parked in front of businesses to unload often made it difficult for people walking to get around the vehicles safely. With one-way traffic, it was much easier, and much safer for pedestrians. There will be one more change in the Downtown area this year in addition to the one-way traffic, and that is to create walk-arounds. This is going to be a first for the town, and Henderson thinks the walk-arounds will make it even easier for both drivers and pedestrians.

“You see them in Fredericton, where you’d have a patio kind of extended, you’d kind of jut out into the street where the cars park and walk around it,” said Henderson. “So, we’re going to have some walk-arounds in the downtown as well, for those businesses that need extra space. We don’t want to take away from the space for people that are walking by. If you had the two-way traffic, you might be able to do it, but it certainly would be more difficult just because of the fact that if a car is there and there is a walk around there, you’re just tightening it up a little bit more.”