Saint Andrews Mayor Doug Naish says repairs to causeway at Katy’s Cove likely won’t take place until fall

Saint Andrews – For those of you who are wondering when repairs to the causeway at Katy’s Cove in Saint Andrews will begin, the answer is sometime this fall. Mayor Doug Naish said they are still waiting to determine the extent of the damage from a storm surge that happened in the spring, and how much the repairs will cost.

“We had a storm surge back in the spring, and it took out much of one section of the paved trail that had been put there previously by the Kiwanis Club. That was the big issue. So, it’s quite a bit of damage,” said Naish.

Some work is being done at the moment, including repairs on the gates, which are once again operational. The causeway is rough in spots where it was damaged, but it is still open for the public to use.

“We’re still waiting for some final estimates on the damage that was done by the storm surge,” said Naish. “Then, we’ll determine what repair work can be done. I know that the gates are being repaired or have just been repaired, so those should be operational if they’re not already. I think they are up and running now.”

Naish said they haven’t made a final decision yet as to how much work will be done or the type of work that will be needed to repair the damages to the causeway. He also isn’t able to commit to a time frame at this moment, because he doesn’t want to disrupt those who use the causeway during the summer months.

Heavy machinery would be needed for the job, and they would have to temporarily close the causeway, which Naish doesn’t want to do until the fall when the causeway isn’t being used as much.

“It’s not likely that we’ll do work on the causeway that was damaged until sometime into the fall. Those who still wish to access it can. It’s not the best, but we’re not going to disrupt that. There’s quite a bit of maneuvering that has to be done with equipment in order to do the job. It will be pretty disruptive when it happens, and we’ll probably have to close it off when repairs take place.”

The Town of Saint Andrews is still committed to making sure the causeway at Katy’s Cove is repaired, and are waiting for cost estimates to be finalized. Naish said there are questions about how it is going to be repaired. There is the option to repave it, or to go with something completely different, such as gravel. The main concern is how future storm surges could damage the causeway if it were to be paved again.

“We’re just not sure whether or not this is likely to happen again the next time there is a storm surge,” said Naish. “We’re going fairly cautiously on this to make sure we’re not putting good money after bad. We certainly are committed. We have to do something with it, and we will do something with it.”