Saint Andrews resident releases first book

Submitted photo Lifelong Saint Andrews resident Kenny Leslie has released his first book ìSmall Town Memories ... Recollections of Growing up in Saint Andrews.î A book signing was held Saturday at the Joeyís Independent Grocery in Saint Andrews and Leslie is pictured with manager Joey Craswel.

Life-long Saint Andrews resident Kenny Leslie passed two milestones this October; first he had his 80th birthday, and secondly he released his first book. He was born October 15, 1936 on Douglas Street in Saint Andrews, the son of Lester and Lavina.  Leslie lived beside the harbour, and spent his boyhood playing along the waterfront. The wharves were plentiful, the days were long, and as a young man, Leslie watched his Town grow up.

Growing up in the 1930s and 40s a young Leslie witnessed the growth of a post war country coming of age, leaving the war behind, and filled with promise.  Saint Andrews had been a quiet place, supported by hard working men and women, making their living in the fishing industry, commercial establishments, and welcoming home those who had served overseas.

Leslie went to work as a seasonal worker at Conley’s lobster plant in the 1950’s and worked there full-time until the disastrous fire in August 1974. He worked at other jobs until he joined the NBCC in 1977, retiring from there in October 2000.
In his retirement, Leslie wrote down his memories, gave talks in the community, and offered historic walks in the downtown area.  A dream was to record his memories in book form, and that dream has come true.  His new book “Small Town Memories-Recollections of Growing up In Saint Andrews” was released this month at a book release on October 22nd.