Send us your favourite Christmas pictures, traditions, and recipes

CHARLOTTE COUNTY – Here at the Courier, it’s been a dry couple of holiday seasons, with the pandemic putting a real kink in our normal no-holds-barred Christmas style. While “normal” years have more Christmas events than an army could attend and document, the pesky global pandemic has brought much of that to a standstill.

But we’ve decided we won’t let it stand in our way, and we’re reaching out to you to send us your favourite Christmas pictures, recipes, or traditions. Maybe you have an ornament that has graced the branches of generations of trees that has a story, maybe you have a shortbread recipe from your Scottish grandmother. Maybe you have a photo of the cats up the tree, the dogs with Santa, or your horse with antlers and a red nose. Do you have a story about a frozen turkey or how you braved a blizzard to make it to Nanna’s? We want to hear it.

Whatever the Christmas fare, we’d love to include it in the Tuesday Christmas edition. We know it’s short notice, but in this digital world, we know you can get your stories to us.

Send your favourite Christmas pictures and memories to

Make sure you tell us who is in any photos you send, from left to right, and where the photo was taken.

We need your submissions by noon on Monday, Dec. 20, so get cracking and send them along.

Merry Christmas!

Krisi Marples

Krisi Marples joined Advocate Media Inc. in 2012 and served as the Courier's editor from 2016 until mid-2022.