Seven-year-old St. Stephen boy wins national cooking contest, has recipe printed in cookbook

Submitted photo Benjamin Christie, seven, of St. Stephen got to enjoy a virtual cooking class with Chef Lynn Crawford as part of his prize for winning the Kid Food Nation contest. He was the only winner from New Brunswick this year. Christie’s recipe for Blueberry Burst ice cream will be published in the upcoming Kid Food Nation cookbook.

St. Stephen – These days, more and more kids are really getting into the art of cooking, and some of them are creating some pretty fantastic recipes. Take seven-year-old Ben Christie of St. Stephen; he came up with an interesting and healthy ice cream dish, and now his recipe is in the Kids Food Nation cookbook. Along with having his recipe printed, Christie won several other prizes, including a brand new tablet.

Christie was one of 25 winners in this year’s competition, and the only winner from New Brunswick. Other entrants came from all over Canada. He said his recipe was called, “Blueberry Burst”, a tasty ice cream made with healthy ingredients.

“It’s frozen bananas and blueberries with vanilla and you put it in the blender, mix it up for as long as you want, coconut milk too, and then you put it in the freezer and then when you bring it out it’ll be blueberry banana ice cream,” said Christie.”

The Kids Food Nation recipe contest is a partnership between the Boys & Girls Club of Canada, President’s Choice Children’s Charity, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and Corus Entertainment. The contest is open to all Canadian kids, not just members of the Boys & Girls Club. Christie is a member of the club in St. Stephen.

Christie came up with his recipe when he was helping his mother record a video for her own class. They were making banana ice cream, and he suggested that they add blueberries, which just happen to be one of his favourite foods.

“We were doing a cooking class for school, and Ben was helping me record it,” said Christie’s mother, Marla Anderson. “We were doing this banana ice cream, and he said, ‘you know, it would be a lot better with blueberries. So, we were watching the Food Network and this contest came on. I said, ‘Ben, do you want to enter’ and he said, ‘yeah, let’s do the ice cream’. There’s a little oatmeal cookie that he made to go with it.”

Because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19, Christie wasn’t able to travel to Toronto to receive his prize as kids have been able to do in past years. But, Kids Food Nation more than made up for this by sending a terrific prize package to the winners. He was also able to take part in a virtual cooking class with Chef Lynn Crawford, where he learned how to make pumpkin macaroni and cheese.

“I won a brand new tablet,” said Christie. “I won a chef jacket with my name and Kids Food Nation on it, an apron, a cutting board, a teddy bear, and four books. I got to meet Lynn Crawford.”

Anderson said the books are so he can write down his recipes, to encourage him to keep on cooking and coming up with new recipes. Anderson said Kids Food Nation did an “amazing job” pulling the event together, especially in the midst of a pandemic. She isn’t sure who is more thrilled by the prize package, her son or herself.

“They did an amazing job,” said Anderson. “They told us we’d still get to do the virtual cooking class with Lynn Crawford, and we’ll send you all this. It’s an Amazon Fire tablet. He got the carrying case with it, and there’s a stand. It was an amazing prize. The Superstore here supplied all of the cooking supplies that he needed for the cooking class, and they delivered it right out to the house. All his stuff was couriered to him. It was a really nice prize.”