Shine On – meet the nominees – Bordertown Beauty Bar Salon and Spa

St. Stephen – For the past couple of months, several businesses were forced to close their doors to the public in order to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Among those businesses were non-essential services, such as beauty salons. In St. Stephen, people were lining up to get haircuts once these businesses were able to re-open their doors to the public, and many salon owners and their staff worked harder than ever to ensure they were able to serve all their regular customers.

It is businesses like these who inspired The Saint Croix Courier’s Shine On campaign, which lets people nominate businesses that have gone above and beyond during this crisis. One of those businesses is Bordertown Beauty Bar Salon & Spa in St. Stephen.

Heather Bridges, who nominated the salon for this award, said she feels like she is at home when she walks through the doors. She said the management and staff are all very accommodating, even going as far as to pay attention to her daughter when she had to bring her along for appointments.

Salon owner Kara Belyea said she had not heard about the Shine On campaign, and she was surprised to find out her business had been nominated for an award. Belyea said she had to close her doors for a couple of months, but as soon as she was able to re-open, she and her staff worked hard to get all of their regular clients booked in for appointments. She said clients were okay with the temporary closure, and now it’s back to business as usual for everyone at the salon.

“We did advertise that we were closed, and that we were sorry for the inconvenience,” said Belyea. “It was hard. But, everyone was really good about it. We got in touch with our clients when we opened back up to get all of our regulars in as quick as possible. We’ve all worked extra hours to get everybody in.”

Belyea said now that the salon has re-opened, there have been a few changes made in order to comply with social distancing and sanitizing recommendations. She said they have “upped their sanitizing more than usual”, and there are now barriers between each station in order to protect clients and staff. Everyone who works at the salon, including Belyea, wears a face mask for further protection.

Belyea would like to thank all of Bordertown Beauty Bar’s clients, not only for the nomination, but also for their loyal patronage. She said she never knows what to say in a situation such as this except to thank clients for their patience and loyalty, and of course her staff, for their hard work and dedication.

“Thank you, it means a lot. We worked really hard.”