Shine On – meet the nominees – Results 360 Fitness & Wellness

St. George – Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s the philosophy of Sara Ross, owner/operator of Results 360 Fitness & Wellness in St. George. When she had to close the doors to the fitness center because of COVID-19, Ross was looking for a way to continue to offer fitness classes, and found exactly what she was looking for in the form of online fitness classes using Zoom. This is why she has been nominated for a The Saint Croix Courier Shine On award.

Ross actually operates two separate businesses in the same building, the fitness center and massage therapy. While she has been able to resume the massage therapy part of her businesses, she isn’t quite ready to start up in-person fitness classes.

“Massage is back up and running, but instead of doing in person classes, I’ve switched to online Zoom classes,” said Ross. “I’ve been offering five or six classes a week just to keep rolling I guess. I just had a class this morning. It’s been a success. People are tuning in and working out and still getting their workouts in during all this.

“Right now, we call it the Saratonin class. We do a variety of exercises. We do squats, planks, and abs. We use free weights. We use body weights. I’ve added a chair so we do a lot of chair exercises too. We modify for everybody. You could be 80 years old or 20 years old. It’s all about your intensity, what you want out of it, your fitness level, everything. It’s for everybody.”

Ross realizes people still have a need to exercise and feel healthy, even in the midst of a pandemic, and she wanted to make sure that she could still offer that service to her clients. Other instructors who use her building are finding alternative ways to still be able to hold their classes.

“Normally, at the studio, there are instructors that come in and use the studio,” said Ross. “There’s pilates, aikido, Zumba, and yoga. Usually that’s going on but at the moment they’re not. Those instructors do have classes outsize and on Zoom.

“The fitness side could be open, but I’m just not prepared for that. There’s a lot to that too, a lot of cleaning to that too. Whether someone has touched something or not, I have to clean it all. So, it would be more challenging. With the Zoom classes, people are at home and they can clean their own weights and mats and things.”

Ross was able to resume with the massage therapy end of her businesses “two phases ago”, and she said there is a lot more to do now that more health and safety regulations are in place. Prior to each client coming in, she must clean the room completely. She wears a face mask while working with clients, and they must wear masks as well during the massage therapy sessions. She is also required to wear certain clothing items.

Ross said she would like to thank those who nominated her for the Shine On award. She is honored that her clients think so highly of her, and she appreciates the nomination.

“Just being nominated and to know that they took the time to do that, I’d like to say thank you. It’s greatly appreciated. It means a lot.”