Small community newspapers matter

If you’re reading this, it’s probably not your first time picking up the Courier. For years, the Courier has been bringing important local news to the forefront, and that will continue.

With National Newspaper Week coming up, we can’t forget #WorldNewsDay happening on Sept. 28. It started in 2018 and has become a global initiative drawing attention to the role journalists play in reporting news and information in a trustworthy way to serve citizens and democracy. David Walmsley, immediate past chair, The Canadian Journalism Foundation, and editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail, came up with the initiative. He was determined to change the relationship between the news industry and its audience, and originally challenged the industry to give the stage to its audiences.

So what can we, the editorial staff at the Courier, do for you? What’s important to you? What should we focus on? With the recent staffing changes we’ve undergone, are we still bringing you the stories that matter? We have been trying to keep a focus on what’s impacting the communities we serve, so we’re hopefully on the right track.

It hasn’t been easy, especially without boots on the ground, but that has since changed and we hope you’ve noticed us out in the community covering as much as possible. If you haven’t yet, you should in the near future.

For us, news isn’t simply a paycheque. We don’t do this for the money. We do it because we have a passion for news and making sure our readers know what’s happening around them, even if they don’t see it. We want to tell you what’s happening at the government levels. We want you to know what’s happening with our leaders of tomorrow. And we want you to know exactly how every day decisions are impacting the people around you.

We have a passion for getting to know our communities and its residents. We want to be at the meetings on amalgamation or finding out what caused the fire next door. If you’re wondering about things, others will be too and it’s our job to bring you those answers.

For us, news matters. For us, small community newspapers matter. You can get national news from other sources. But without small community newspapers, where would you get your local community news? We are here to represent you and to ensure your voices are heard.