Spartans nab quarter-finals victory; head to crossovers

Kate Scott/Courier The bench of the St. Stephen Spartans football team erupted with cheers after Cody Savard took the legs out from the Simonds Seabees ball carrier during the first game of playoffs (quarterfinals) Saturday at St.Stephen High School. The Spartans defeated the Seabees 50-8 and are slated to meet the Oromocto Blues Saturday in crossovers.

St. Stephen – The St. Stephen Spartans football team claimed a 50-8 victory against the Simonds Seabees in the quarterfinals Saturday at St. Stephen High School.

Touchdowns were scored by Thomas MacMichael, Jay Torrey (each with two), Kyle Stewart, James Thibault, and Jesse Thibault. Jarret Milligan successfully kicked six of seven points after attempts, and Tyler Marshall scored a safety in the second quarter.

Tim Hortons’ player of the game was awarded to Jayden Roy-Bires. The defensive lineman logged seven tackles and one sack.

Though the Spartans defeated the Seabees 49-14 in a previous meeting (first game of the regular season), senior James Thibault (QB) explained the importance of stepping on the field with a 0-0 mindset.

“We wanted to just go in like we’ve never seen this team before and give it all we’ve got until the last whistle.”

The Spartans are now slated to travel to Oromocto to meet the Oromocto High Blues in crossovers this weekend, and while he said plans to work on his throwing in practice this week, said the plan is to “just play the same way we’ve been playing, and keep it up.”

After the match with the Seabees, coach Neil Grant said there is not necessarily anything that needs to be fixed, but plans to focus on fundamentals prior to the meeting with the Blues.

“I don’t like to see the ball fumbled, I don’t like to see the ball exposed where it could be fumbled.  I want all possession, but that’s all about fundamentals, how we handled the snaps, how we handled the handoffs, how we handled running with the ball, all the little things like that.”

Those familiar with the team know the Spartans pack a powerful punch in its rushing game – but will Spartans fans see more passing in the next playoff game?

“If we don’t have to show something, I don’t show something. … But it’s the same as last year; we have a bunch of stuff we have not shown. We have a bunch of stuff we’re capable of doing that we are not going to show, until we have to … and you always want to have something in your back pocket.

“This game, I had two priorities: win the game, no injuries. So if winning the game and no injuries means running the ball and do what we do effectively I’m happy with that.”
The Spartans are slated to meet the Blues in crossover Saturday at 1 p.m.