SSES annual fundraising campaign underway

Submitted photo Students at St. Stephen Elementary School are selling gift cards that can be used at four local businesses: the Atlantic Superstore, St. Stephen Guardian Drugs, Canadian Tire, and Jean Coutu. Funds raised are used to pay for things that are over the school’s baseline budget. From left: Sevrin Townsley, Gavin Daigle, Sophia Stewart, and Arizona Ingersoll.

ST. STEPHEN – It’s that time of year again. Students at St. Stephen Elementary School are once again selling gift cards that can be used at local businesses. This annual fundraising campaign raises money that is used for anything over the school’s baseline budget, from paying for buses for field trips to the new furniture for the recently-renovated school library, and more.

“It’s our annual gift card fundraising campaign, where local businesses really generously support the school. We sell gift cards for their businesses, and they donate 10 per cent back to the school. We’ve done it for quite some time,” said Community School Coordinator Catriona McLanaghan.

McLanaghan said the gift cards are sold by students and through the school website, and the businesses donate 10 per cent of the funds back to the school. The businesses that take part in this program are the Atlantic Superstore, Canadian Tire, St. Stephen Guardian Drugs, and Jean Coutu.

“They can be used for technology for the classrooms,” said McLanaghan. “We have a ‘caught being kind’ draw once a month. When students are caught doing something kind around the school, the teacher and staff write up a little slip for them and that can go into the draw. It helps buy prizes for things like that.”

The students take home flyers and can then sell gift cards to family members, friends, and others. She said local service groups are encouraged to purchase multiple cards, which could be used for prizes, incentives, and more. She said many businesses do buy bundles of cards, both through students and through the school’s website.

“Anybody in the public can go to our school website and click on the ‘cash online’ icon on the right hand side. Anybody can buy cards on there. You can buy a $100 gift card that you would use for your groceries and the store is going to donate 10 per cent back to us.”

If you are interested in purchasing gift cards, or would like to learn more about this school fundraiser, please call St. Stephen Elementary School at 466-7303. The campaign runs from Thursday, Oct. 21 through Tuesday, Nov. 2. Following the sales period, there will be a collection day where people can pick-up the gift cards they have purchased.