St. George council briefs


Update on splashpad

There was an update on the construction of the Splashpad at Magaguadavic Place. The committee has been working hard to make this happen, and they have been involved with several fundraisers. To date, $43,022.44 has been raised of the $96,279.00 that is needed for Phase 2 of this project. A total of $15,000 of this funding is from Aviva, and the rest has been donations from businesses and individuals within the community, as well as hard fundraising by a group that is determined to complete this project for the people in the community. Donations can be made at the Town Office, or through electronic transfer.

Phase 1 was completed last fall, at a cost of $102,521, which came from the gas tax and donations. This phase involved excavation, backfill, embeds installed, bonding, the construction of a concrete deck, and pipe winterization. Phase 2, which will be the installation of an operation system and a WQMS water recirculation system will take place in the months. This will ensure that no water is wasted. There will be a storage tank installed in the ground, with a make-up water line to add water when necessary. Rainwater will also be collected to maintain the water level. There will also be a chemical feed system installed, as well as a filtration system to maintain water chemistry and sanitation.

The committee is currently seeking sponsorship programs with recognition to present to local businesses to help with Phase 3 of the project, which is the purchase of water features and spray toys. The approximate cost for this phase is $62,640, which will cover the cost of 10 water features and seven spray toys.

Habitat for Humanity

Kevin Perry, CEO for the Saint John Region for Habitat for Humanity (referred to as an affiliate) made a presentation to council about what they are working on and how the families who have received homes are doing. In 2019, three homes were constructed in the Saint John region, which goes from Sussex to St. Stephen. Perry called this a milestone, as they generally construct two homes per region in any given year. They are pleased with the fact they were able to help house four adults and 10 children. Perry said there are three affiliates in New Brunswick, one in Saint John, one in Moncton, and the other in Fredericton, whereas other provinces only have one affiliate each. He said New Brunswick outperformed the other three Atlantic provinces, which he said was something to be proud of. Last year, 250 homes were built across Canada, and they hope to build an additional 300 this year.

Building and planning

There were no bylaw updates from the Southwest Regional Service Commission. It was noted there were applications in January for the rezoning for 30 separate properties regarding development and subdivision plans. A review was done with the CAO concerning for use and development of Town Hall property. So far, there have been no new building permits issued for 2020, but there have been applications to create two lots. The application would require a percentage of land for public use, or cash in lieu of land. A pre-inspection was done on a church basement to look at the feasibility of overnight accommodations on a short-term basis. The file has been closed for the Clinch Street apartment that had been damaged by fire.

Well upgrades

CAO Jason Gaudet said they are happy with the amount of water they have, but they are still working on getting even more water, and he said it is a good time to go after that volume now by upgrading well number two and new well number six. They are trying to get two wells certified for that extra volume so it is there if needed.

Park upgrade donation and regional development

The Town of St. George received a $3,000 donation from the Fundy Community Foundation for the development of the Wallace Street Park. The plan is to plant grass and trees and place a bench. CAO Jason Gaudet met with Bill Thompson about updates of the Eastern Charlotte, Inc. It was noted that they are progressing nicely with the plans, and further information will be available in the near future.

Magaguadavic Place

Mayor Faith Avery said the goal had been to complete work on the siding for Magaguadavic Place, but these plans have been put on hold in order to do roof repairs, which she said need to take priority. There had been extensive damage caused by leaks that need to be dealt with before other work can begin.

Fire Hall

CAO Jason Gaudet spoke about work that has been done at the St. George Fire Hall, including pest control, which had been discussed in January. There had been a bit of an issue with rodents, and pest control was brought in to take care of the problem. A new awning and roof was installed over the side door, and new metal floor drains have been put down. They also did some work on the exhaust system for vehicles.

Community service

Mayor Avery said the month of February is expected to be a big month for the Town, with many activities happening. On February 22, there will be a music night fundraiser, hosted by Council, to help raise money for firefighter Paul Berdan, who is battling cancer. She said anyone who is unable to attend but would still like to make a donation they can do so by contacting the Town Hall. She noted that the fire department is always there when needed, and now the community needs to be there for them. Chase the Ace is still going on at the Pub on Main every Thursday evening, and they are down to 34. All proceeds from this fundraiser are going to the Multigenerational Park project.

There will be several upcoming seminars at Magaguadavic Place. Earlier in the month there was a suicide awareness seminar. Coming up, there will be seminars on stress management, cannabis awareness, safeTALK (only four spots left, at a cost of $12 per spot which includes all training materials). Coming up in March there will be a babysitting course, and there are only three spots available, and preregistration is required. Knacktivities for children and adults are being planned, and there are many upcoming sessions. Again, pre-registration is required.

Plans are in the works for Canada Day as well as Summerfest 2020, which will be held on the third weekend in July. There is another 5k run being planned. The run last year was a big success, and they expect the next run will be at the end of May or early in June.