St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers find success at the 2022 provincial competition

Submitted photo Gary Lister pitches a horseshoe at the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers Tuesday evening pitch.

ST. STEPHEN – For 16 years, the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers have kept the sport of horseshoe throwing alive in Charlotte County.

Their official season runs from May to October with an annual club championship toward the end of the season. This year’s championship is set for Sept 17.

Club membership was 50 strong at one point, according to club president and founder Jason Rideout. Now, they’re home to 20 to 25 active pitchers.

“COVID really changed everything,” said Rideout. “It’s been tough to recruit new members.”

At this year’s provincial tournament, the St. Stephen Horseshoe Pitchers won in every division they competed in including:

  • Gary Lister – 4x provincial singles title winner
  • Mark Mosher – Men’s division singles title
  • Brett Faloon – Men’s C Single title
  • Glen Rideout – Elder’s division title
  • Lisa Gowan – Women’s division title

The pitchers play every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Frasers Farm.

“All ages are welcome,” said Rideout.

Horseshoes Canada is considering the possibility of bringing the national championship back to New Brunswick in 2025.

The club plans to host their Horseshoe Mania 2 on Oct. 1 where partners are drawn at random.

The club’s annual hot stove tournament will wrap up the horseshoe season sometime in late October. Snow accompanied the first hot stove tournament, which didn’t hold the pitchers back from playing.

“We’ve got plenty of horseshoes available,” said Rideout.