Student athletes celebrated at CICS award ceremony

Kyle Moore/Courier - Campobello Consolidated School Varsity level Male and Female Athletes of the year winners pose the school’s recent athletic banquet. From left: Winners Amy Case, Justin Legacy, Emma Barker, and CCS athletic director, Patrick Halford. Legacy is a senior and will attend UNB in the fall while Barker and Case, both in Grade 11, will return in the fall for their senior year, and continue to participate in as many sports as possible.

Campobello – Campobello may be small, but what the island lacks in population, it makes up in community support.

In a recent celebration of local athletes, Campobello Island Consolidated School (CICS) invited the community to watch as it honoured its Grades 6-12 athletes.

Among the final awards presented were the Middle level and Varsity level Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

Emma Barker (Grade 11) and Amy Case (Grade 11) were co-recipients of Varsity Female Athlete of the Year, while CICS senior Justin Legacy won Varsity Male Athlete of the Year.

At the Middle level Harper Matthews won Middle School Male Athlete of the Year, and Marissa Calder won Middle School Female Athlete of the Year.

Kyle Moore/Courier – Campobello Island Consolidated School awarded Harper Matthews, left, and Marissa Calder with the Middle level Male and Female Athletes of the Year at the school’s recent CICS athletic banquet.

Speaking with the Varsity Athletes of the Year it was apparent their time at CICS and their community was something special for all of them.

Q: What sports do you play at CICS?

Legacy: I played golf, basketball, and volleyball.

Barker: I played golf, basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, and cross country.

Case: I played golf, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field and badminton.

Q: How long have you been involved in sports at CICS?

Legacy: I’ve always been involved in sports, but I’ve done basketball, volleyball, and golf here for four years now

Barker: This is my first year for golf, but I’ve played soccer since Grade 8, and the rest since Grade 9.

Case: Just been playing sports on Campobello basically ever since Grade 1. All the way up through I’ve been in sports.

Q: How much have sports at CICS meant to you?

Legacy: It’s meant a lot. It’s been a lot of my time. Between golf, basketball, and volleyball, it’s been pretty back to back over the past four years.

Barker: It’s always been something to do. Everybody plays and I really like sports. Playing with a smaller group, everybody plays all the sports and you get to know everybody really well.

Case: Well, pretty much – sports are the biggest thing to do at the school, so it’s a big deal.

Q: What are you planning on doing next year?

Legacy: I’m going to be going to UNB for Kinesiology and then medical school after that hopefully. Sports had a big influence on me wanting to be a doctor. I have sports related injuries so I want to be a sports injury related doctor.

Barker: I’m in Grade 11 so I’ll be back here next year, and I plan on playing all the same sports.

Case: I’m in Grade 11 so I’ll play all the same sports, and I think I’m going to pick up cross country as well.

Q: How important has the community of Campobello been to you?

Legacy: It’s a great community. I’ve been very lucky to grow up here and very lucky to play sports here with all my friends. Really lucky to have the community support me so much.

Barker: It’s been nice because I get to play sports with all the same people growing up and there’s a lot of support.

Case: All the people come out to the ball games, basketball is a big draw for everyone so we always have a lot of people from the community come out.

Complete list of award winners

Varsity Male Athlete of the Year – Justin Legacy

Varsity Female Athlete of the Year – Emma Barker and Amy Case

Middle School Male Athlete of the Year – Harper Matthews

Middle School Female Athlete of the Year – Marissa Calder

Varsity Girls Soccer MVP – Krysten Wilcox

Varsity Girls Basketball MVP – The entire team

Varsity Boys Basketball MVP – Justin Legacy

Varsity Boys Basketball Coaches Choice – Tony Tinker

Varsity Girls Volleyball MVP – Brenna Davis and Bryanna Smart

Varsity Girls Volleyball Top Serve – Emma Barker

Varsity Boys Volleyball MVP – Tony Tinker

Varsity Boys Volleyball Most Improved – Garrett Newman

Principals Award – Grade 5 Oak Island Club

By Kyle Moore