Team will investigate Saint Andrews for World Ghost Hunt Day


Saint Andrews – There are 100 teams all over the world taking part in the World Ghost Hunt Day, but only one team has an entire town to investigate. Brad Monks of Back Bay, and his team of paranormal investigators are heading to Saint Andrews on September 28 to investigate reported hauntings in several locations throughout town. Monks said this is not just about hunting for ghosts. This is an event that celebrates and highlights numerous historic locations, and his investigation will include the Algonquin Resort, the Kennedy Inn, the Ross Museum, the Blockhouse, and the old jail.

“It’s held on the last weekend of September every year,” said Monks. “This is the fourth year for me, and it’s new for these guys (the team). Basically, it’s a celebration of historical locations. If we can go in and get some activity and spirit voices or whatever, it kind of brings forward the history of that location. Another part of it, if the locations want to, is paranormal investigations where we bring people in, charge so much per head, and all of the money raised goes to the restoration of that site.”

Monks said they do a tour of the locations during the day. At night, they will be doing an actual paranormal investigation in the courthouse and the jail. This will take place after a special edition of the Ghost Walks of Saint Andrews. The cost to take part in the investigation is $15 per person.

So, what do paranormal investigators do during their investigations? Monks said the main goal, besides proving that there is spiritual activity, is to put a good scare into the people who come along for the ghost walks and the investigations. He said they use a variety of equipment, including night vision cameras, spirit boxes, vibration detectors, ghost sensors, heat detectors, and many other gadgets that will detect changes in the atmosphere, the temperature, electromagnetic fields, etc.

“I run spirit boxes. Sometimes you’ll get names, or they’ll talk to you and try to communicate,” said Monks.

Monks said he has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal, and it is also something that runs in his family. He has another team of paranormal investigators in Saskatchewan, which he continues to work with regularly. He said they have a new location to investigate, a psychiatric hospital that has been in existence for 125 years. He plans to go out and take part in this investigation personally. He has worked with other paranormal investigation teams, and has been involved with the television show, Haunted Case Files.

All of the investigations taking place during World Ghost Hunt Day will be live-streamed through “get voki”, and there is a World Ghost Hunt Day Facebook page that lists all of the properties worldwide that will be investigated on September 28. Monks said each team has one building to investigate, but his team has something a bit different going on.

“We’re the only team that has a whole haunted town. The others only have one building,” said Monks.

Monks said his team also does investigations in private homes. He said home owners are required to fill out a lengthy questionnaire, and there is no charge for the team’s services. He said they do a lot of research before even entering the building, and they also cleanse the home afterwards.

In addition to the ghost walks and the investigations of various sites in Saint Andrews, Monks said they will be having vendors selling a variety of items, particularly anything spiritual. There will be a tea leaf reader on hand, as well as a bake sale. He intends to have his own table set up, where they will be selling a variety of paranormal items, spiritual jewelry, crystals, etc. He hopes at some point to be able to start selling paranormal investigative gear as well, but not for this particular event.

If you are interested in learning more about World Ghost Hunt Day, you can visit the Facebook page. Monks’ group also has a Facebook page, Canadian Paranormal Expeditions, which offers information about the event as well as his teams here and in Saskatchewan.