Thanks to our community for 34 years of support


We thought that it was only right that as we end the month in which we gather to give thanks for all that we have, that we don’t miss the opportunity to thank those who generously donate themselves, their stuff and their time to Fundy Region Transition House Inc.  Without the continued support and generosity of our community, we certainly would have struggled to keep our doors open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for just over 34 years.  By donating and volunteering at our shelter not only do you provide a safe space for women and their children, you allow us to go beyond providing 30 days of shelter which is what we are mandated to provide to those seeking refuge from domestic violence and abuse.  You allow the women and any children they have, to make decisions about what their future is going to be.  You are helping them to see that they have options and that people care about them, and want them to do what is right for them.  You are giving us the opportunity to go into the community in a variety of ways; from delivering programs which build self-esteem and encourage empathy in children, programs on healthy relationships, educating the public about the existence of abuse and that it isn’t just about visible bruises or broken bones it’s hateful words and inappropriate jokes, it allows us to work with others to prevent and create awareness around all forms of abuse, and we are able to work with all ages who have or are currently experiencing some form of abuse but don’t need or want to come and stay at the shelter.  You see it’s so much more than a pair of curtains, a set of dishes, a monetary donation, or even a new pair of earrings to be wrapped up as a birthday present.

While there are so many of you, who do so much for us we wanted at this time to extend an extra special thank-you to two men in our community, whose generosity and kindness impacts us and those who reside at our shelter immensely.  They also serve as a reminder that if we are going end abuse, then everyone has a role to play and we need men to be active in reaching that goal.  The two men I’m referring to are Carlos Concepcion and Don Adams.  Our playroom is nearing the end of a make-over and the fact that this is happening centres around the creation of a new mural by Carlos Concepcion.  This is the second time he has given his time to helping create a welcoming environment for the children who spend time at Fundy Region Transition House Inc.  It helps make the place a little more fun and reduces some of the stress for children by having a place just for them.

Of course, Carlos’s support has extended to more than two murals over the years and while the details are kept in confidence we are grateful for always being willing to do what he can for those in need.  Our second gentleman, Don Adams, helps us with the regular support of nourishment for residents.  It could be a complete homemade dinner, some homemade bread, or leftovers from a function that he’s been involved in.  While we recognise that some of it, he does as part of larger group, a good portion of it is simply him offering to help the residents of our shelter.  This not only fills bellies, it also helps us financially stretch our food a little further.  Both of these men by what they do, also serve as reminders that not all men are abusive and that caring is about helping not hurting others.

We appreciate everything our community does for us, and the fact that we are remembered year round when it comes to supporting us and the work we do.  Thank you, again, for doing your part to help those who seek our services.

Together we can make a difference, because no one deserves to be abused!

If you want to start a new beginning and think we may be able to help, remember…Fundy Region Transition House, Inc. offers a safe haven for women with/out children who experience abuse. Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer assistance at 466-4485.

We also offer outreach services for additional support in the community at 469-5544.  Our email address is, and we have a new website  We are also on FACEBOOK, check us out.