The Bobcats Meow


This week has been a big one!  We celebrated Halloween with Freaky Week.  During Freaky Week there were contests every morning and events during ASAP, like a Haunted Hallway and Teachers vs Students dodgeball. Thanks so much to Mr. McGinn, Mme Cousins and Mme Stinson for organizing these events, and to all of the teachers and SSHS students who helped.  It was a lot of fun!

Our ticket sales fundraiser is winding to a close, and we will be drawing for the prize-a four-thousand-dollar heat pump- very soon.  We have given out several prizes to top sellers like a dinner for four, and a crisp fifty-dollar bill.  We can’t wait to see if we’ve reached our goal, and what it will mean for Mme Russell, and Mrs. Tanner’s challenge.

The soccer season is over with our jamboree having taken place last Wednesday.  Teams from McAdam, Harvey, St. George, and Saint Andrews joined us for the day.  St. Stephen teams won both the boy’s and the girl’s side of the tournament.   The jamboree lasted an entire school day, and took place at the St. Stephen High School.  Thanks to SSHS for hosting!

Basketball tryouts have taken place for both the girls’ and boys’ teams, and the teams have been selected.  Starting Wednesday, tryouts will begin for the B teams.  Good luck to all and we are looking forward to a great season.

This has been The Bobcats Meow, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night.