The Saint Croix Courier wants you to be part of our best Christmas edition ever!

Charlotte/York County – If there’s a word that describes 2020, it’s “different”. And here at the Courier what that means is we’re missing out on many of our favourite Christmas events – the ones we love to fill the pages of the paper with over the holiday season.

And we admit it…missing out on sharing pictures of our readers, kids, and their pets enjoying the Yuletide festivities bummed us out.

But, in the spirit of 2020, and finding ways to approach old ideas in a new and innovative ways, here’s our plan.

We want you to send us some Christmas cheer by emailing your holidays to us!

That’s right. We want your holiday photos. Did you take photos of cutting down your tree, or get a great photo of your all decorations? Do you have the very best of the very worst ugly Christmas sweater?

A picture of your pet dressed up for Christmas, or of them with Santa, or do you have a photo of *the* gift that will make someone’s year?

What about a historical photo of Charlotte County Christmases past?

We’d also love to have copies of your all-time favourite Christmas cookies, or the recipe you break out every year for the world’s best mashed potatoes.

Whatever photos or recipes or Christmas stories you have, we’d love to have them to share with everyone over the holiday season.

Make sure you put everyone’s names (from left to right) with your submissions, and any other details we might need.

Send your submissions to from now until Friday, Dec. 18.

Happy Holidays!