“The sky’s the limit” for young Campobello muscian

CAMPOBELLO – It’s not every day an eight-year-old is asked to perform at a major event. But, that’s exactly what happened for young Sawyer Chute of Campobello. This young man may just be getting started, but he’s already well on his way to becoming a great piano player.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began and many restrictions were placed, Chute’s mother was looking for something for her son to do. So, they searched for fun activities Chute to to try, rather than being stuck at home, bored. He loved the idea of learning how to play a musical instrument, and jumped at the chance to take piano lessons from Sarah Dalton-Phillips.

“It’s because of my mom,” said Chute. “She wanted me to get into something when the pandemic was happening, and the only thing open was piano. She was like, maybe you can do piano, and I was like, okay. So, then we just did it.”

Chute said he isn’t taking lessons right now, because it is summer break. But, he continues to practice, because he wants to be as good as he possibly can. The organizers for Fogfest thought it would be great to showcase the young talent during the Fogfest opening ceremony, and Chute couldn’t have looked more proud to be on the stage showing what he has learned over the past six months.

Dalton-Phillips said she is proud to be the “piano teacher of this young gentleman”. She is looking forward to resuming teaching him how to play the instrument when school starts back up in September. Of course, she was on-hand at the Fogfest opening ceremony to watch her young student perform. She said he has done very well with his lessons, and she is excited to help him begin his journey into the world of music.

When asked how well Chute is doing with his lessons, Dalton-Phillips replied, “The sky’s the limit”.