Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie campaign raises funds for Operation Christmas Joy

Sari Green/Courier Each year, the Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie campaign raises funds for more than 550 charities across Canada. The three restaurants in Charlotte County got together this year and combined their proceeds to donate $8,877.50 to Operation Christmas Joy, to ensure that no child in the area goes without this Christmas. Left to right: Carl Dow (Tim Horton’s manager, St. Stephen and Saint Andrews locations), Don McGee of Operation Christmas Joy, Teresa Fraser, and Tanya Wilcox.

Saint Andrews – Each year, Tim Horton’s restaurants across Canada take part in the Smile Cookie program, which raises money for local charities. Last year, more than $9.8 million was raised (a record-setting amount) with all of the money going to children’s programs, food banks, hospitals, and more. Each restaurant owner is able to decide where they want to donate the proceeds from this program. This year, the three Tim Horton’s restaurants in Charlotte County, Saint Andrews, St. George, and St. Stephen, teamed up to donate their proceeds to Operation Christmas Joy.

The Smile Cookie campaign began in 1996, to raise funds for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital in Ontario. Since then, the campaign has raised several million dollars for more than 550 charities across Canada. In addition to the charities Tim Horton’s supports nationally, individual franchisees are able to donate Smile Cookie funds to the charities of their choice.

Carl Dow, manager of the St. Stephen and Saint Andrews locations, recently presented Don McGee of Operation Christmas Joy with a cheque thanks to the scheme. The total raised for one week of Smile Cookie sales was $8,877.50. Every penny of the money raised will go towards ensuring no child in Charlotte County goes without this Christmas. Dow said he tries to donate to a charity for two years, and then moves on to a different charity.

“It ran September 15 until the 21,” said Dow. “We’ve been doing Smile Cookies for approximately 10 years. I usually do two years for the same charity, and then move on to another one.”

This is the second year Dow has donated Smile Cookie funds to Operation Christmas Joy, and it will be greatly appreciated by families who may not have been able to afford to give their children the Christmas they deserve.

“This year, and last year as well, we decided to donate to Operation Christmas Joy,” said Dow. “As much as Operation Christmas Joy gives back to children, it seems to fit into our values as well. It’s nice to be able to help a charity like this out for our Smile Cookies.”