Town of St. Stephen infrastructure project updates

St. Stephen

Milltown Boulevard Designated Highway Upgrades 2020- Project No. 20-2637

Scheduled start date for construction was September 8 – work is currently underway

Waterfront Trail Upgrades – Project No. 20-2509

All 1920 meters of trail base and subbase have been constructed. Paving was scheduled to begin September 14.

West Street Infrastructure Renewal – Project No. 19-1946

2020 work is complete and the contractor is off site. The final course of seal asphalt will be constructed in the spring.

Riverside Drive WWPS Replacement- Project No. 19-9953

Design drawings are at 90 per cent. The land surveyor confirmed property lines/locations and the overall site plan configuration has been updated. Dillon is currently coordinating the procurement of easements with NB Power and finalizing design and tender documents.

Waterfront Revitalization- Project No. 18-7081

The wharf contractor is off site and the work and deficiencies are complete with the exception of the floating docks and gangway that are currently being fabricated. We are working with the wharf contractor to schedule the delivery and installation of the floating docks and gangway.