Twenty-three new cases in New Brunswick – highest single day record

New Brunswick – “We are issuing tickets. We will shut down businesses that are not compliant.” 

Those were the stern words of NB Premier Blaine Higgs today, Saturday, Nov. 21.

Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Jennifer Russell, Minister of Health, Dorothy Shephard, and Higgs were all on hand as the highest number of cases recorded in a single day were announced.

Twenty-three new cases of COVID-19 were announced in New Brunswick today.  The cases are as follows:

The six cases in Zone 1, Moncton region, are:

  • one individual under the age of 19;
  • one individual aged 20-29;
  • three people aged 30-39 and
  • one individual aged 60-69

The 16 cases in Zone 2, the Saint John region, are:

  • two people under 19;
  • three people 20 to 29;
  • one individual 30 to 39;
  • five people 40 to 49;
  • two people 50 to 59
  • one individual 60 to 69; and,
  • two people 80 to 89.

The single case in Zone 3, the Fredericton region, is an individual 30 to 39.

All cases are self-isolating and under investigation.

Russell said in the early days of the pandemic, New Brunswickers made “major changes” and “major efforts” to keep each other safe, and must now do so again.

She said the province is currently facing a “serious situation”,  as the current shift back to Orange in Zones 1 and 2 encompasses Sackville to Campobello Island.

Russell said New Brunswickers need a “renewed commitment” to slowing the spread of COVID-19

Shephard said this recent bump in cases shows the “province is extremely vulnerable”.  She said New Brunswick and the Atlantic Bubble have been the “envy of the world”, but we are at risk of losing that status.

Shephard said the current path will push the province back to the Red stage of recovery.

Higgs warned New Brunswickers the Atlantic Bubble was “about to burst”, and that it would be disappointing to see the province fall back to red this late in the game.

He said with a vaccine on the horizon, New Brunswickers need to continue to “lead in protecting each other”.

Higgs also said should businesses find a member of the public defiant against the current protocols and rules in place, tell the individual to leave and the province will support the action.

He said if you see groups gathering, residents can call – 1-844-462-8387 to report them.

Police and peace officers, Public Health, WorkSafe NB, and Department of Justice Inspectors are out and about in the province ensuring businesses and the public are complying with the protocols and provisions laid out in the mandatory order.  Those who are found not to be should expect to face penalties.