Un-Stable with Krisi Marples- My life has blissfully Gone to the Dogs

Un-Stable with Krisi Marples

 Gone to the dogs

Let’s start by pointing out the painfully obvious.  I love, and am not too afraid to shout it from the rooftops, love, my dogs.  And after several months of having just Niobe with me, I am pretty pleased to have the canine (and feline) family back together, All four dogs and three cats are under one roof again.

Well, mostly happy.  I admit there has been a period of adjustment, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s more on my part, or Niobe’s.  Turns out, she really quite enjoyed being the only dog in the house, and upon the arrival of her brothers and sister, spent the first few days in what can only be described as, well, a snit.

Sure, having her giant Newfoundland brothers in situ means that she has backup whenever she needs to ward off interlopers with a meaningful chuff, but it also means that she suddenly has to share ‘her’ sofa with her Bernese sister, Holly, and the days of having the bed upstairs all to herself are over.

She was, to put it mildly, irritated. Not more than Murphy, mind you, the former barn cat, who is entirely put out by being moved into a rodent-free house.  I’m fairly certain she’s quietly plotting my demise.

But having them all together has been pretty great, even if the quality of the Playstation controller has been tested a few times with the sweep of Nelson’s Vegas showgirl-esque tail, and the fact that there is now dog hair everywhere.  No, really.  The house looks like a dog exploded. Every. Damn. Day.   I had forgotten (blocked out) the sheer tenacity of the coat of a Newfoundland dog.  On your towel, in your tea, in your dinner- the military could likely find some way to weaponize it.  I’ve now developed ninja like skills to get my work-ready self out of the house with the least amount of hair and Newf drool on me.

But the best aspect of having the brood, are the number of people I’ve met because of them.  We’re kind of hard to miss, when walking through the Ganong Nature Park, being towed by Nelson, affectionately known as the ‘dope on a rope’, and with the others in tow.  Each outing, whether it be to the park, the Legion, or down my own street, it is through my dogs that I have met the most people in the area.  Maybe it’s the affable nature of the Newfs, or the fact that Holly, the happiest dog in the world, smiles when she meets someone, or the fact that Niobe is thrilled with everyone she sees, who knows, but the bottom line is that I have met, and chatted, and gotten to know more new friends in Charlotte County because of them.

It never ceases to amaze me how easily dog lovers and owners can pick up conversation, and become almost instant friends, based solely on our love of our canine companions.

Which makes every dog fur coffee worth it.

See you next week.