Un~Stable with Krisi Marples – Setting new challenges – one dump cake at a time

Well, here we are, and it’s the beginning of September, and I honestly have no idea where the summer months have gone.
Yes, technically summer continues until the 21st, but the beginning of the school year seems to usher in an overwhelming sense of fall.

I currently find myself nursing a fairly serious injury, so as we enter what really is my favourite time of year, with cool nights and warm days, I am enjoying it more from my sofa, than being in the outdoors.

And being somewhat sofa bound, I spend a considerable amount of time, admittedly, looking at various recipes on various sites, and inevitably, I share them on Facebook, and save them, pretending I’ll finally do something other than cereal or toast for dinner.

In fact, I’ve shared so many, friends are begging me to stop, mainly because I’m sharing several based in what can only be described as the dessert realm.
The other thing I’ve done while sitting and twiddling my thumbs (although working from my sofa absolutely has some appeal) is, you know, contemplating life. And I decided to set myself some tasks – goals if you will.

And what did I decide? Get ready, it’s pretty exciting. I’m going to commit to cooking at least some of the recipes I save each week.
I know, I know. It seems like a somewhat silly thing to endeavour to do, but I have to admit to not offering up much of an effort in the kitchen these days.

The dogs, of course, are fed three times each day, and each meal is carefully created with just the right dry to wet mix, and supplements added for each dog individually.
I even keep different treats for each dog, and for the cats.

But I digress.

I have let my culinary skills gather dust, and I figure it’s not too hard a task, to make the effort to try at least one new recipe a week.
And really, I’m hoping it will reignite what used to be my love of cooking.

We all know my love of food hasn’t gone anywhere, but my love of cooking seems to have fallen by the wayside, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to bring back.
The real challenge will be selecting actual meals, and not simply chocolate cake recipes, or some sort of dump cake or another.

But really, what matters is that I do it, cookies or not. Baby steps.

See you next week.