Update on Town of St. George infrastructure projects

St. George – The Town of St. George has released an update on many of the projects that have been scheduled for 2020. There have been delays in some of these projects due to COVID-19, but progress is being made, and many of these projects will begin this month.

Remediation of slope erosion project on the L’Etete Road

Work has begun on the northern slope of the L’Etete Road (Route 172), between residential numbers 90 through 106. This project has been funded by the Province of New Brunswick. This project is to ensure the stabilization of erosion, at a cost of just under $400,000, and will be completed by TerraEx Inc.

Upgrades to the residential sewage lagoon

Upgrades to the residential sewage lagoon were supposed to begin in 2019, and have now been rescheduled to begin near the end of this month. This project will include work on the aeration system for the residential sewage lagoon, located at the municipal waste treatment compound near the Mascarene Road. Keel Construction Ltd. has been contracted for this project.

Upgrades to the water system

Work began on the new Well #6 in 2019, including testing and environmental studies. The new well will be constructed at Riverview Avenue, and construction is expected to begin as soon as the reports are approved by the Province of New Brunswick. There will also be upgrading done on the existing Well #2.

Upgrade to water and sewage services on Clinch Street

Later this month, work will begin on the water and sewage lines on the upper section of Clinch Street, extending across Main Street. Fairville Construction Ltd. has been contracted to do this work, which is also part of the preparation for the Main Street paving project.

Paving and street infrastructure adjustments for Main Street

Depending on the Clinch Street project, work on the paving and street infrastructure adjustments on Main Street is scheduled to begin in September. The project will include paving from the corner of Main Street and Portage Street to the corner of Main Street and Riverview Avenue, along with adjustments being made to manholes and storm drains. This project is currently pending tender.

Rebuild of sewage lift station at L’Etete Road

Due to the fact that there are many hills and valleys in St. George, nearly a dozen lift stations are needed for the waste treatment system. Many of these stations need to be rebuilt, as they have been in operation for several decades, including SLS #3 at 114 L’Etete Road. This work will be completed, in part with the Clinch Street project, by Fairville Construction Ltd.