Update: Fundraiser started for St. Stephen man without power for months

Andrew Sutton/Courier Shane VanTassel’s home in St. Stephen has been without power for nearly four months. NB Power is refusing to turn on his electricity unless he is able to come up with $2500.

St. Stephen – Sherry Gallagher, who works with Shane VanTassel, who was the focus of a feature story in the Courier recently, said after she saw the story regarding VanTassel’s struggles with NB Power, she created a GoFundMe campaign to help get his power turned back on.

“He’s waking up in a freezing cold house, and I’d really love to see the community find out that we’re doing this and help him,” she wrote in an email.

VanTassel has been powering his refrigerator and washing machine with a generator for the last two months, but with the temperature regularly dropping below zero overnight, he will soon have to shut his water off in order to avoid having pipes burst in his house. His generator is not strong enough to power a heater, so VanTassel will soon be without heat and water.

The campaign can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/f/let039s-help-shane-get-his-power-restored