Williamson endorses Peter MacKay in Conservative Party of Canada leadership election

Facebook photo Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate, Peter MacKay, now has the backing of Southwest NB MP John Williamson.

Saint Andrews – Southwest NB MP John Williamson announced this week he is endorsing Peter MacKay as the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“As a lifelong Conservative activist, I have watched this race closely and sized up all the leadership candidates” said Williamson. “It is time to choose: I have cast my ballot for Peter MacKay.

“Peter has a proven record of making tough decisions for the good of the country and the Conservative movement. His commitment to keeping Conservatives united is unparalleled in this contest, and is an authentic candidate with the experience and judgement necessary to defeat the Trudeau Liberals.

“He will lead a campaign Conservatives can unite behind. I believe Peter will also lead a principled government of high character and restore Canadians’ trust in our governing institutions.”

MacKay welcomed the news in a statement Thursday, July 30.

“I am proud to welcome John to my team,” said MacKay. “We served together in the House of Commons representing Atlantic Canada as part of a strong team that delivered for our region.

“Working together we will win more seats in New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada on our way to defeating Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government in the next election.”

Williamson joins MPs Chris d’Entremont and Rob Moore as three of the four Atlantic MP’s supporting MacKay for the Conservative leadership. The deadline to submit ballots for the vote is Friday, Aug. 21.