Woman creates a message of hope for the community, out of snow

Submitted photo A resident of Milltown was driving along Milltown Boulevard when she spotted this snow lady of hope, and she just couldn’t resist snapping a photo. The creator of the snow lady of hope is Sarah Matheson, who said she just wanted to share her message of hope with the community. Matheson believes things will get better, and not just back to normal, but a new normal.

St. Stephen – Most people were hoping there wouldn’t be any more snow this year. But, one St. Stephen resident decided she would turn the snow into a message of hope for the community. Last week after a few inches of snow fell, Sarah Matheson, owner of Simply Sarah Day Spa on Milltown Boulevard, decided to get outside and build a snow lady.

When asked what inspired her to do this, Matheson simply said she was inspired by the snow. She that she was trying to think of crazy crafting ideas for moms who were running out of ideas, and the snow gave her the best idea she could come up with.

“I did a post that morning, and said ‘okay moms, all of you who are looking for crazy craft ideas and are running out of options, God provided the craft material for today’,” said Matheson. “We had all this snow, and that was the best thing we could do with it.”

Matheson said she feels that everything happens for a reason, and even though things are tough on most people right now, she has hope for the future. She wanted to share that hope with the community, so she painted her snow lady with a pink dress and the word “hope”.

“I guess my stance on all of it, is everything happens for a reason,” said Matheson. “I do have hope. I just wanted to share that with our community. My kids wanted to as well. On the other side of this, things are going to get better, I believe. Not just back to normal, but a new normal.”