Words of wisdom from McAdam High senior athletes of the year

Kate Scott/Courier - The McAdam High School held its annual awards banquet Thursday at the McAdam Lions Club. Pictured are the Senior Athletes of the Year, from left: Ceirra Gardner, Cameron Messer, and Ashley Little.

McAdam – “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”

The Michael Jordan quote was included in the programs handed out at the annual McAdam High School Awards Banquet at the McAdam Lions Club last Thursday.

The quote rang true, as the many accomplishments of high school and middle school students were celebrated at the well attended banquet.

Among the final awards presented were the High School Female Athlete of the year, which went to co-recipients Ashley Little and Ceirra Gardner, while Cameron Messer was selected to receive the High School Male Athlete of the year.

Speaking with the three seniors and high school athlete of the year recipients, they spoke of their cherished time as a McAdam High Warrior.

Q: What sports do you play?

Little: I play senior basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, and track and field.

Gardner: Soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and track and field.

Messer: Basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Q: How did you guys first become involved in athletics?

Little: Probably in Grade 6.

Gardner: Yeah, in Grade 6 when we first moved up to the high school.

Messer: Grade 5 or 6.

Q: Was it something you guys wanted to do?

Little: Yeah, it’s a really big thing at our school to be involved in mainly basketball. There was kind of a lot of opportunity at our school, but not as much as a big school would have. We did have a mini rec department program in elementary school and that kind of led up into middle school. So we kinda did know what it was.

Messer: Not much else to do around here either but play basketball.

Q: In your time in athletics, what is the most valuable lesson that you have learned?

Gardner: Teamwork, definitely. Teamwork’s the most important thing you can have to do anything, really. It just helps out so much.

Little: If you can’t rely on your team, then you can’t really do a whole lot without them.

Messer: Same thing as they said (smiles).

Q: If you could leave one message behind to your juniors, what would it be, and why?

Cameron: Listen to your coach, and just play your hardest. It’s all you can do.

Gardner: Play your hardest, and if there’s anything bothering you, don’t let that get in the way of your dreams. Don’t let anyone else stop you, and believe that you can do whatever you want.

Little: Don’t let anyone or anything get you down. Even though times might be hard, you can still fight through it and play your hardest every game.

Q: Thinking back over your athletics career, is there a certain highlight to you that sticks out as being particularly memorable?

Messer: Harbour Station, 2016. (The McAdam High Warriors varsity boys’ basketball team advanced to the provincial final at Harbour Station with fellow A division southern conference rival, the Harvey Lakers. After the Warriors led the Lakers by 20 in the third quarter, the Lakers notched a comeback to defeat the Warriors by two.)

Little: Probably the highlight for my high school career was getting the Fairplay banner, because I try really hard to be nice to the people on the court. I know you’re supposed to be aggressive, but I try to get my team to be a little more nice. (The McAdam High Warriors varsity girls’ basketball team was awarded the NBIAA Fairplay banner this year. The banner is awarded to a team that exemplifies good basketball, good sportsmanship, and fair play; basketball played with enthusiasm, and passion, but with respect for the game as well as the opponent. The Warriors were presented with the banner during halftime of the A division provincial final at Harbour Station.)

Q: What are your plans for next year?

Little: I’m going to UNBSJ to take business.

Gardner: I’m going to St. Thomas University to get my Bachelor of Arts degree.

Messer: I’m going to work.

Q: What are some things as a student at McAdam High that you feel you’re going to take with you as you move on next year?

Little: Definitely being the small fish in the big pond. It’s really taught me to step up my game and give it all to be the best you can be.

Gardner: I would say that just ‘cause we’re from a small town and we don’t have very many resources, that doesn’t mean we’re not as good as everyone else.

Complete list of McAdam High award winners


Major Award Winners

Friends of the Warriors

Carl Griffiths

NBIAA Provincial Basketball All Star

Riley Goodwin

Middle School Female Athlete of the Year

Shayna Voutt and Gabby Messer

Middle School Male Athlete of the Year

Jaxon Cleghorn and Jayden McGillicuddy

Kate Scott/Courier – Middle School Athletes of the Year are pictured, from left: Jaxon Cleghorn, Gabby Messer, Shayna Voutt, and Jayden McGillicuddy.

Senior Female Athlete of the Year

Ceirra Gardner and Ashley Little

Senior Male Athlete of the Year

Cameron Messer

Little M Winners – Students are awarded points for each academic, athletic, and activity participated in. Little M winners need a minimum of 100 points.

Jaxon Cleghorn 125

Shayna Voutt 144

Jayden McGillicuddy 157

Emily Little 194

Haley McIver 240

Brooke Godbout 243

Gabby Messer 298

Big M Winners – Need a minimum of 175 points.

Ceirra Gardner 219

Emily Squires 280

Ashley Little 404

Kate Scott/Courier –
This year’s Little and Big M recipients were announced at the McAdam High School Awards Banquet last Thursday at the McAdam Lions Club. Students are awarded points for each academics, athletics, and activities participated in. Little M winners need a minimum of 100 points, while Big M requires more than 175 points. Little M recipients are, back row, from left: Jaxon Cleghorn, Brooke Godvout, and Jayden McGillicuddy. Front row: Shayna Voutt, Emily Little, Gabby Messer, and Haley McIver. Missing from photo: Big M recipients Cierra Gardner, Emily Squires, and Ashley Little.

Cross Country

Coach’s Award – Ethan McGillicuddy, Shayna Voutt and Gabby Messer

Middle School Girls Soccer

MVP – Shayna Voutt

Coach’s Award – Gabby Messer

Most Improved – Hannah McIntyre

Middle School Boys Soccer

MVP – Malachi Gardner

Coach’s Award – Carter Scott

Most Improved – Curtis Russell

Senior Girls Soccer

Offensive MVP – Ceirra Gardner

Defensive MVP – Morgan Bigger

Rookie of the Year – Antonia Burdon

Middle School Badminton

(Boys) Coach’s Award – Malachi Gardner and Ethan McIntyre

(Girls) Coach’s Award – Faith Kitchen

(Girls) MVP- Gabby Messer

Middle School Girls Basketball

MVP – Shayna Voutt

Coach’s Award – Faith Kitchen

Rookie of the Year – Lacey Cleghorn

Middle School Boys Basketball

Co-MVP – Jaxon Cleghorn and Jayden McGillicuddy

Most Improved – Carter Scott

Senior Girls Basketball

MVP – Ceirra Gardner

Most Improved – Madison Cleghorn

Senior Boys Basketball

MVP – Cameron Messer

Most Improved – Porter Carson

Coach’s Award – Riley Goodwin

Badminton – No Awards

Middle School Girls Volleyball

Co-MVP- Haley McIver and Gabby Messer

Coach’s Award – Emily Little

Senior Girls Volleyball

MVP – Keira Astorino

Most Improved – Kara Cleghorn

Coach’s Award – Morgan Bigger

Track and Field

Coach’s Award – Morgan Bigger, Ashley Little and Ceirra Gardner