Work continues on wharf structure

Sari Green/Courier The construction on the wharf in downtown St. Stephen continues, including replacement of plank decks, a wooden handrail, and a new wharf ladder, among other repairs and improvements. Mayor Allan MacEachern said the Town is currently working on the tender for the on-shore work, and they expect that work to begin by September.

St. Stephen – Construction continues on the wharf in St. Stephen. Mayor Allan MacEachern said the work consists of the replacement of deck planks, a wooden handrail, a new wharf ladder, new wharf lighting, new abutments at the shoreline and other structural repairs. There will also be enhancements to the joists, pile caps, cross bracing, and connections.

“Upgrades will also include supply and installation of new floating docks, and a pedestrian gangway at the wharf,” said MacEachern. “On-shore work will consist of a new hardscape approach to the wharf from the parking lot, a retaining wall, railings at the wharf/shoreline, grading and drainage improvements, and upgrading of the existing trail system in the immediate vicinity of the wharf.”

MacEachern said the work has already begun on the wharf , and the town is currently working on the tender for the on-shore work, which they expect to be completed and out to tender within the next couple of weeks. This will begin once the wharf structure is completed, and the contractor for that part of the work has demobilized.

“In general, the project is going well,” said MacEachern. “During construction, some additional deterioration to structural components was found, and is being addressed as discovered.”